World Fisheries Day Celebrations
National Students’ Quiz

The winners will receive the honor to dine with topmost dignitaries in the Fisheries industry, get awarded with a living state-of-the art aquarium together with a collection of fisheries information.

The Quiz will be live from 23rd to 28th Of November.


21 November, 2020

More about the Quiz.

The Quiz is open to all Ugandan students at primary, secondary and tertiary institution levels.

The Winners will be announced on the 30th of November 2020.

The winners will be awarded prizes including a state of the art aquarium and receive the honor of dinning with topmost dignitaries in the Fisheries industry.

NOTE: Fisheries Students from any institution are not eligible to take on this Quiz.

You may enter the competition through any of the three ways below:

Follow our hashtag: #SustainableFisheriesOnSpot and #FisheriesOnSpot